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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Full Episode 8

It looks like I have praised Turkey on behalf of Rahim Aslamalekum Roshni Light Channel. Happy arrival to all the voters of the drama.

Nasreen Ikram Today's video is going to be very tremendous but before that I request you guys that for those of you who are waiting for some good news about the bill, then for them I have made a big tremendous on my second channel Light House. Have uploaded the video, in which you guys know about the Trust Gender Bill 2018 will get a big important and good news and those subscribers of my channel who want to see the video, then click on the link that appears above.

Episode 8 Full HD

And after the end of this bill, whose sister's shops are going to be closed in Pakistan, you will know in that video and after that let's move towards today's video.

So Nazreen don a Ram seatbelt and get ready to feel the roller coaster of excitement that kicks off with the trailer that released last night, the first installment of Season Four of Total This Mann and I Told you guys in your two videos that this time the intention is for the new seasonInstead of releasing the trailer, Direct will release the trailer of the first installment of season one, which will be kiss number.

And that's why we had to wait a long time for this trailer and it came very late and on October 5, the first installment of season four of Kerala High Companions will be released in which 9 days are left and the countdown starts after the release of this trailer. It is done. Now if we talk about the trailer, then it was even better and fantastic than crap and waited as long as its release issue, then if it did not meet their standard then the voters of Kerala would have been disappointed. But the good thing is that it didn't happen.

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However, the action-packed new season is about to go on air. Quoting from this trailer, the announcement of the new season, which managed to bribe its voters, was like a wait and it seems that there is a season coming out of the ordinary origin which is also winning dramas in Turkey at the moment. Is. He will have a Sardar and in today's video we will talk about the six surprises that you guys will get to see in the new season of Kuruvansh Asman.

 The big surprise for the first number voters in the new season is Osman Bay's getup. Nasreen Ikram Usman Bhai's getup in the new season would have seemed the same to us as the previous season and the voters would not have felt any newness. But one thing I turned the game upside down and that is Usman Becky caught white.

The white color that reflects the elegance, which was also the color of Usman Becky's turban as of date and only this faded colored Bawa car caught has changed the whole look of Usman Becky and her personality has got four moons.

Wearing Usman Bay's white turban from the beginning of the new season is a sign that it has become a sign of Mohammad that the new season will show praiseworthy sentences or try to keep the episode of the drama close to the date.

 And this colored turban is also a sign of an important thing. While I have already told you guys that a new one has been prepared for Osman Beck in the new season which is close to what Osman Bay had as of date.

For the first time in the number two male Asman, a glimpse of the custom world, in all the previous seasons of Nazreen Village and Koral, many tribes were seen fighting till now and we only got to see these Basanti ne governor ok yesterday who conquered Osman Used to do But now in this new season.

 The sound of bravery and vain hand has not reached the royal palace.

And if we go according to Mohammad Tariq, then we will continue to see the custom world in this new season, but only three of us have built a building in the sultanate which resembles the stadium and it is called then that too We will see in this new season. So far we have seen it only in Hollywood movies, but for the first time any stadium will be shown in the drama on an immediate date and the funny thing will be that it will also come under the attack of Osmania.

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 Who's new number three? In a scene in the trailer, Usman Bay is seen in a house made of wood while Nazreen Ikram. In my opinion, the work can be done for every city. Which will be the Darul government of that honorable from now on and after leaving many tribes, Osman will stay there. But one thing that is confusing is the fact that there are many clan marks instead of Ottoman Parcham. What is this mystery about this I think that Ottoman Parcham is the alarm of Fatah and whatever new place will be known

And that mother would be inside the princely state, there would be an Ottoman flag and whoever took that mother to live in the princely state, they would not be subordinate to many tribes, but that mother would remain under the shadow of the state. Whereas suddenly the flag of the fair is the identity of the Osman Beki caste.

However, the real reality and drama will be known only after its release and till then this too will remain a surprise for us.

 Number four in the new season and the story of Hand and Alauddin will take a new turn and maybe in this season and between Haan and Luv Din which was shown in Mohabbat and Ulfat season three. Dissolve the poison by including Hasrat in it. Because something felt in the trailer that when Usman will crutch Dene and Han Khan. When the governor appointed, I looked at Alauddin in a strange way. Will Alauddin and Han Khan fall prey to laughter? Will Alauddin also have and get the same status as Han?

 Or it will only be shown receiving dini training in Khanka under the supervision of the city itself. And will that Manbela Uddin also be checked by Nagol or Kalusa Hisar going forward in this season? Make him governor, because in date it is not that Alauddin had lived only in Khan's life, but he had also participated in many wars but is not showing pride.

I am grateful to all of you guys for showing respect for me on behalf of people who love to know. Number five, watching any praise series is not fun unless there is action in it and now this time Nazia Ne Gram, this shortcoming will be filled through gladiators. Gladiators were also the visiting rulers of the Basanti ni Sultanate who fought bloody battles to entertain the people. This fight could have happened with other gladiators as well as with wild animals.

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