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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 7

Happy to all my friends who visiting here, The gap of one week after the release of the new installment of Nazreen Ek Ram made its issues wait a lot and this week its installment number 103 is going to be affected. Is. Green claims are fast moving towards a big war and in today's video you will get to hear the news of many people, so today's video is very important in this respect. Because you know that your favorite drama series.

 And what about the kush stuff, will they be shown together during the football world cup or not? Apart from this, there will be talk about the bar drama series, the owner of which many new news are present with me. Apart from this, we will also talk about the upcoming important incident of Rishi Asman. So let's move on to our video, so now the story of Nanaji's new season of Village has started to make sense a bit and we have started getting obsessed with its new characters too. like new season

It is the season of announcement of politics, so according to this, we will get to see a file e season which has started and neither will the important events to come according to the trailer of the installment.

 Who's in the trailer? He is shown being wounded at the hands of a night owl. So will this prove to be a clear one? Or will this war not last long and the coral will survive? Or is the corn going up the ramp leaving the tap uneven?

 What will happen to the pressure of failure? Will 5 years be like Jilavatini?

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 What comes, will the bore be saved and will you taste it? If he gets hanged, then Nazreen Ikram talks first. Who are the railways about whom these rumors are spreading nowadays? There have been offers to work in some other drama and they are leaving. But today we came out, so far neither we have received any genuine news about this drama, which channel's drama it is nor any statement about this news for a reason. Officially, this value has come out from the side of the team.

 And neither Bhar Catcher has issued any statement regarding this.

So that's why we come to this option that it may be that he has a dream on his head or he may have seen the Khap and if this Khap does not happen then the dagger hitting the corner will be exactly the same. As soon as Turgut was killed by Al Basti in season five of the team, we assumed that Bas Turgot would die then but it didn't happen. But if his character is eliminated by killing Kona Rap in this way, then this will be the second character after the Guptas.

 Due to which voters will miss so much. And about the Guptas, we used to comfort our hearts that this is a fake character, but Kanora is a date only. If Kono's character is once again eliminated from the drama, it could lead to a fall in the ratings of Kural Sussman. By the way, if Bill Floors is leaving the drama according to these rumours, then it is a matter of thinking what is the reason? Coral has got its groundbreaking story this season. What more does he need? Now the focus on the drama Burak is also being reduced.

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 And other characters are getting more chances. Who else? I have found the storyline of Arail very impressive that the 1 year old commander who chose Haq's night and chose to be Osman Bay's companion. Although there was a lot of difficulty in the way of that right, but he only listened to his land, leaving the luxury of the palace. Whereas the princess is Ophelia, a beautiful daughter-in-law in danger at her own Emperor Walid's Azim Mahal, who is trying to cover up reality while facing the allegation of a failed murderous attack on her father.

And during this time an Osmani Jangju and spy came to his help in sending Basanti to Corner Circus.

 So the nursery came out. Let us now tell you what can be a better storyline than this. And by the way, it is incomprehensible why the Turkish producers do not sign agreements with the Turkish actors and why do the actors leave the season like this? However, now it is only after being junior that one will know what is the real condition? Now if we talk about it, it seems that there is probably some planning between Osman and Rock Tambe and a scheme has been prepared to expose the enemies' moves in the open.

According to which Aur Tum Bey will be punished for rioting, but the screen of this verdict will have a trick to expose the enemy and then she is proving to be the biggest Hum Aaye of Usman Bay in this season. But maybe you remember that in the beginning of the season we heard that this story was leaked out from the sets of Kurulus Osman that he would like to marry his daughter in the sultanate of Sanju, but today Taimur will come in the way. But now the condition is that the eye of Taimur himself is close to dying.

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And on the other hand Khatoon has also been sentenced to death. As shown in the trailer, what is this affair? Is it not that now I will be sent to the district home and sent to Konia. Where his anger becomes the reason of turning Sanju's Sultan against Osman Bhai and then declares his separate state in Osman, then if the story goes in this direction then it will be more exciting but in the enemies of Usman Bhaiya there is another enemy. There will be an increase, due to which there will be no balance in the drama. Therefore it turns out that

 Actually there is only one trick against the enemies so that the enemy comes out of his burrow and Usman can hunt them. Now let's come today from Timur's side, it will be a lot of sentence or else Nasreen Ikram Aankh Taimur will be saved because according to the date the time has not come for Timur's death and it seems that lazy when Khatoon was sentenced to death. If you go, peacocks come. Out of unconsciousness, the lazy Jokha will testify of his innocence, after which if he tastes lazy, then his punishment will be forgiven.

 And in his heart a place will be created for the eye Taimur.

 The pair of Aate Borole Czech is the most beautiful couple of this season and it should be in season right now. But the one who bathes in her food is an emotional woman and her thing is. He makes her make wrong decisions and by the way, let's say that this thing is common in all women. From the very beginning of the banking khatoon season, including me, Manfi has a strong heart against Usman. But it was me who kept on explaining to her that it is not what she thinks and now

 And after the arrest of the daughter, she has got a free hand, the loss of which means that the city will have to suffer. Now coming to the question that many of you are asking me in the comments. That is, will Kural Sushma not be shown for a month because of the Football World Cup, so I would like to tell her that Kurush Asman is not known yet, but there is a drama called Gol, which has been announced.


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