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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 6

Today's video is very important for the female ho of Kurla Sushma series because we have brought some such news for all of you which is very important for the viewers of this series. is terrified. There is no doubt that the fourth season of the Usman series has started in a grand manner. But despite this beginning, news of the sudden closure of this series has also come to the fore.

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Which is not a rumor at this time, but many big reasons have also been given for this and this news has also increased because before this Usman series did not face any such situation and then at the beginning of the fourth season, this story No information was given about it. That is, this decision to stop the series came out all of a sudden. But along with telling about this night, let us also tell you that Sushma's new

 We also have some good news about the night. Because still some of the shoots that have been completed together will be presented to all of you and we are going to give you a very rough estimate about the story of these together because of the new show together in one. Along with creating a sensation again and again, new characters are being brought in, which is the series Masjid enlargement will be built in the interest ofBut what will be the importance of all these characters and what will be their relationship with the date?

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 6 with Urdu Subtitles, Kurulus Osman Season 4 Urdu Dubbed download, Historicales Osman Season 4, How to download Kurulus Osman, Kurulus Osman Season 1 Turkish, Kurulus Osman,

 Will warn you about this and then about the new update about the condition of CDS's ban. So that's why today we talk about why and why Sushma series is going to be closed once again and for how long will it be closed? Who decided to close the fourth season and why was this divorce not given to the voters earlier? Why are the star characters being shown in trouble in the fourth season and which major character is going to be martyred?

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Why was there no date war ship shown during Arya season and which date war should be shown first and all of cant coaching and shahanshah Who among these will be friends of that mar bay and with whom war of cows will be shown, all this We also present you in aap ki Khidmat with reference to some more series will do.

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But first of all, let's talk about the situation, due to which not only this series is liked very much.

 Rather, there is a sudden increase in the rating of this series of Beas, and this is the case of wars in which victory was achieved during that Marve era. Now, if we talk about Kasar, which has got the highest rating of Kunda Sushma Series, then the date of March 2 in Majhi is the date of Mahaj Phir Kara Chah Asas fights with the Mongols and the most liked Nagol's date.

It was eaten and all these were also common because here the martyrs of the hero were also done and then according to the date, the martyrdom of his son and his son was shown in the witness. While something out of date. Now the martyrdom of Rahman and Gum Dubey was also shown. However, these big Fatuha of the date were very much liked by the help and due to this the popularity of this series kept on increasing and you

In such a way, the importance of the date of Mahasu is also more in this series because if Usman Bay was successful on this occasion, then the sacrifice given behind these successes is also being shown. Who himself had made Osman Bay less and more at that time. But today these surprises, in the opening of the fourth season together, no such warship was shown, which gets any mention in the date.

 Osman too had not yet discovered any new city or art, nor was there any struggle for any such address. But there is no need to worry at all because in the coming together, there is going to be a sudden big change in the situation. But from such a situation, when the race and the circumstances which are being shown to us in the fourth season at this time, it is also not at all congratulatory from reality, but even here on the date of this series itself.

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The part is being celebrated and this incident will become a big jumboka. That is, the changes that will be seen in the coming together and the date war to be shown, will be due to the current situation and the current character. And it was necessary to show such conditions before the forests because Tithi Barmala tells us that whenever Osman Bey used to know an area, it would have taken him a long time to fix the arrangements there after that Amur.

Because they aspired to establish such a system of common and justice in their identified areas so that in the coming days, the effect of treason in the crime living here could not arise. Only then it is the city or the city or any conquered area, there is no restriction on the non-Muslims already existing there to live and do business and the same situation is now being shown to us in this series as well where Usman I have my own Along with working hard on the well being of the people.

 Due to which the Turks of those enemies There will be more betrayals against each other and then against all the three planetsIn Osman, there will be a battle in Maidan and then once again a big and bloody war will begin.will be lifted. That is, till now the hand of friendship with China has been extended.

None of them will be proved guilty after a while and the battle of Osman Bay will be shown with all three. Well, about the current situation of the fourth season, we have told you the date effects, how the situation will change in the future and have also warned about the beginning of date war. But now we tell you why and how Kurla Series may have to face the shutdown for some time.

Which is such a beautiful 22 that has not appeared in any season before, and the main reason for this is the football world to be held in Qatar, whose preparations have now reached its cousin because football in Turkey is very fond of From.


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