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Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Episode 30

We are going to share with you the predictions of the complete story of this drama along with the review for the next installment of this very emotional drama of Khushamad Din Kaise Teri Khudgarji Drama. Have you seen till now? The hand that I was shown together was done in such a real way that tears came in everyone's eyes. This Akram sahib probably knows that his daughter is alive but in front of Shamsher, he has done amazing acting.

 Like the smell is really dead. Mehak's sister and mother don't even know that she is alive, she is crying, she is in agony, but to save Mehak from this shame, Akr now came to Dilawar more. My daughter is innocent for joining hands in front of them. Stop your son for God's sake, she doesn't want to get married. None of us agreed for this marriage, but Dilawar sahib had planned something else. for your son's wedding

 Agreed too. He had called Akram sahib to give money that people like you make your daughters pawns to change their situation, but Akram sahib will cry after listening to them. I have folded hands, I do not want in front of you. spare me anything Dilawar sahib was not ready to understand us. His son is guilty. It was Akram's daughter who blamed him for implicating his son.

 Mo. Akram tells sahib that if there is such a thing then meet with me so that the drama of Mehak's death can be done in front of Shamsher. Shamsher's search will also end forever and you send your daughter away from here. All this was already planned. That is why when the car caught fire, the smell was taken out through the second door. No action can be taken against Akram sahib, Shamsher and his father. it was all settled

But until Shamsher does not forget Mehak, he will consider his daughter dead in the eyes of himself and his family members so that Shamsher does not suspect. In the next kiss, you will see that Shamsher is unable to get over the shock of Mehak's sudden departure. His father explains this. There is a limit to love too. Love is not done with those who become, which Shamsher says in the war that there is no limit to love. Just once when this love takes someone to its limit, then it is very much.

 Nothing happens within limits. Shamsher is unable to forget Mehak. He comes to Mehek's house. Its family members are scared to see it, but they are not in their air, I am not smelling the pictures of its bangles present in this room, the smell of it all this makes it smell of fragrance. Seeing this madness, Akram sahib shouts, you are the murderer, you used to hate my daughter and we also hate you, don't step into this house again.

As Shamsher is looking at them with amazement, Mehak's murderer is upset seeing his condition, his mother who had to go has gone but has left free in our life. Here all the facts are told to the sister on the phone that they just wanted this drama to be a complete reality and no one should even know that Baba Saheb's character is there in it. This will boil your father-in-law's bhanda. However, his sister is once again behind Shamsher. Giving it a sense of its being which itself

I have lost my senses. Time passes by bringing the bill in front of Shamsher, the real face of his father will come that Baba Saheb is behind Mehak's death, but he does not have any evidence and he will start the search to collect the evidence.

To every person who works for Baba Saheb. In such a situation, Dilawar sahib puts this man with him, with the help of whom he had caused the accident of Mehak's car. In such a situation, Shamsher makes vows in the courts, asks for prayers.

 Whose heart was not ready to accept that its smell is dead. Shamsher gets the driver in his hand. You had gone to pick up the fragrance that day and died with the car burnt. Then here it means my smell is also alive. Shamsher kills this one who does badly enough to open his mouth after which he spews the truth, Dilawar's pet stops Shamsher, the condition is confused, you did not have this driver on this day.

 Will be scared. After the accident, me and Mehek were pulled out of the car and set on fire. Police was involved in all this. Shamsher is taken away by Dilawar Sahib's pet but Shamsher starts looking for Mehak. This time, he does this work in secret so that Babasaheb or anyone else does not get to know and he does not make Mehak a vibe. Can't find anything about the smell. Shamsher puts a gun on his forehead to expose Baba Saheb's truth. His father would never speak of this.

 But the mother tells in the love of the son that the girl is alive. That's just what Shamsher wanted to hear. He is once again thrashing for Mehak and discovers the clue of the person who can make it reach Mehak. Here Mehek gets down from the rickshaw with her luggage. When its relatives inform that Shamsher has left the country, his father sent him out. This news was also conveyed by Shamsher herself so that she could get Mehak back without worry.

 This was the trick of Sam Shamsher. When Mehak looks back, Shamsher was standing in front. Seeing Mehak alive in front of him, Shamsher's eyes are torn apart. Seeing this, Mehak runs away from there. Runs to a hostel and hides herself in the room. He runs after it. The watchman there stops him and then kills him with Shamsher. Gun shows that now don't need to mess with me and the last one reaches his room.

He comes inside after breaking the door, why did you do all this, why did you hide yourself from me?I was only in love, Mehak screams and I hate marrying you, why don't you understand this, I hate every breath of your existence, but Shamsher is not one of those who give up so easily, he accepts Mehak as his father's. Brings it to the fore. I will marry this girl and you stop me and show me, he kidnaps Mehek.

 He forces her to marry but Mehek's refusal doesn't change my agreement. He then pressurizes it with regard to Mehak's family. You may have forgotten that you also have a younger sister.

In Assamese Commerce Welcome to Me YouTube channel, we are going to give you a short survey of the upcoming episodes and last episodes of drama serial Kaisi Tere Khudgarji, in which you will see, but before that let me make a small request to you. If you like the video, then you must like and subscribe to Sher Hona Jaane. So let's start today's video. Shamsher clearly tells his master that if I will marry then only and only with Mehak. If you want to evict me from your property then do it because I am not concerned with any wealth, I just love the smell.

I will bring him in my life and marry him and Mehek only gets very upset because of Shamsher and he reaches. Talking to Shamsher's house and his family, on the contrary, Shamsher's children blame him and say that people like you put their daughters forward after seeing rich people, tell them how much money do you need to collect money from them. To get away from my son's life, Mehek's people get very upset after hearing this that they are blaming me on the contrary, while I have come to stop them. save his daughter from his son.

 I have come to ask for a water stop, but they are saying something else. Stay at home for expensive time and start crying what should I do? what is my fault? Is it my fault that I am the father of daughters, I am helpless father which I cannot do anything.

For the sake of my daughters, I break my father like this, Kapil could not even see it. She was not able to think at all that what should she do so that her father gets rid of all these problems, then what do you think friends? Is Mehak, for the sake of the happiness of his family, for the honor of his child?


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