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Destan Season 2 with Urdu & English Subtitles

Greetings friends, I hope you all are in good health, so the waiting time for Nazreen is over and great news is announced for the ladies who watch Danstan series. Yes, Mehmedpur Sadak has announced Danstan Drama Season Two keeping the desire of Mudda Ho in front.

Before we move on to the video. Please subscribe our channel so that you will get notification of Masjid videos. Now we tell you that Dastan Drama got fame in the first season itself but in one Dham of Danstan series this match was also faded. Having many females also expressed disappointment because of the dating of the first season of Danstaan.

 It was better than many other series. But now the good news of the second season of Danstaan ​​has also been heard. So let's move on to the new updates, as you know Danstan drama series which was recently closed.

 Instead of working on Open Season Two, he is working on several new drama series. One of which is the drama Salahuddin Ayubi and the other Kullu Sushma Season Four.

So in this situation, the voters of Danstan drama series were seen doing the same discus. When the palace collapsed in the last installment of season one of Ka Dastan, who survived the blast and which character was killed and the voters also said that if season two did not come, then the story would be incomplete.

So what is the use of showing such a drama series whose story should be adopted as wild. So now the team of Dastan series has brought the voters to the closed door of Ekta Jasoos and the decision to end the Dastan series has left the voters viciously disappointed. But the citizen Ram.

Mohammed Buddha has made a tremendous announcement keeping the desire of the issues of Danstan in front. A special Kiss will be prepared for Ke Dastan Ke Mudda Ho and now Dastan Ki Season 2 will also be released.

And Besharm Ada Ho's decision to release the bondage drama season two is being praised.

 Along with this, Nazreen Ikram would give you a big news. Chalo ok so the ladies of Danstaan ​​were not very happy with the closure of this drama and now I would like to say that you guys notice here that after the closure of Dastan drama, a lot of possibilities have come to the fore that its actors can also be cast in Sushma. And the voters of Danstan will also be able to see their favorite actors.

I am saying this because I have worked hard, have already done it. But now that Vine has announced Danstan Drama Season Two, the real seal will be known only after watching the trailer tomorrow because as the time is coming closer, there is a wave of happiness among the voters. We will tell you the updates of Majeed in the next video, so friends, if you liked our video?

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Destan season 2 Cancelled?

Bismillah ur rahmanur rahim friends, today we will talk about someone like that.

 Season two has been handed over. Mosque, Not a single episode will be shown to us now. How much power is there in this? Before talking about whether this update is wrong or right, let's talk before talking about the character of violence in Season One and Last Hona has also said goodbye to Sir Mann. But we can say but in Bowler Season Two we will be shown a new and strong actor who will be the character of His Rate.

 Will pay According to Mere To Ji, the actor who plays Sultan Malik Shah should be included in Par Bas Laar Season Two. What is your opinion here.

Destan Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date

Apart from this, if we talk about the story, then there is no power in this news because no one has received any information about the life of Muhammad or his team. That's why we can't say anything with reference to this right now. Surely season two should be released and we will see how Turks converted to Islam. Mohammad will not take such a big decision in such a hurry.


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 But we can say that season two will definitely be released. Should the season be released? Do express your lovely opinion in the comment section. Till then I am Allah Hafiz.
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