AlpArslan Season 2 Episode 36 Full Episode in Urdu & English Subtitles

AlpArslan Season 2 Episode 36

 Friends, we will talk about the Chhattisgarh trailer in the Elphinstone episode. Will Supriya do the traitors with Haath Wool El Par Salaam? Will she end the ok hand? Apart from this, we will talk as if Alpersalan has entered the palace of Ladder in Baghdad that the Siri you settled is going to cause great harm to them. Also, when will Hajre Yashwant be able to get that stone?

 For this he went to Baghdad. Apart from this, we will discuss on the basis of rating. But Mamta will watch Videocon Takru for entertainment and if you have come to our channel, I request you to subscribe to our video channel, we have had a great quoting of 35. The things that we had said in our video happened exactly like this, here we once again hear a lot of congratulations to each and every one that it is very hard work.

 Season two is even better than season one. What has happened and we expect its rating to cross the college level. Apart from this, if you talk about your topic, will Safera betray Hatoon al Prasthan? Before talking on this, let's talk about the helpers line as help Arslan is present in Baghdad and he also complained to many SPs of the rainy ladder. Now only Shastri has come to know that the Alp bathing incident was a brave and wise man.

Alparslan Episode 36 Urdu

 Is. It is very difficult to hunt it. Basant Ladder will not do such a thing in his palace that he should face embarrassment in front of all the people. So Basa Shree will try once again. Trap KLF Bath in your net. He will attack them or may even poison them in food. But here I will tell my Nazim, but in taking the stone of Hajre Aswad from the palace of bath and mother-in-law Ed.

 You will be us too. Similarly, Snan will once again give a huge defeat to the Basa series. If we talk about the rating, then the spark of the rating of the plan episode was 6.38, which is very good. If we talk about this dear hand, then according to EJ, Veeriya will not betray Islam on Hatoon al because she knows that if she betrays her then her and Salman Yusuf's death is confirmed.

That's why Supriya Hatun will never betray El Person. Like we saw on the corpse of episode class 35, Priya Hatoon goes to her room, ok, here it is possible that saffron hands can be freed from their hands or it may be that this Veerya hand tells them ok yes to you. arrest me Similarly, this conspiracy of Salman Yusuf can fail. Will he betray the administration in the morning?

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Friends, finally last night the new trailer of the next episode of Alperson series Case was released in which we got to see a lot of amazing things. That is, what I have told you in my previous videos that who can come and save Help Arslan from here, then it happened exactly as I told. That is, we have seen in this trailer that the rest of the soldiers who are left behind Alpersalan are coming and saving Helper Salam from there and not only the soldiers but the Safaris cartoon also reaches there to help them all. Friends

Alparslan New Episode

 Apart from all these things, we have many more such things. The one shown in this trailer is that the Prince separately sees inside that the Alpha faction is saving someone. Whereas in this trailer, we are also shown Alexander saying that you are a traitor, so now our question arises here, will the truth of the Alpha faction come out in the next episode? While on the other hand we were also shown that our own food is saying that no treatment is possible for this poison, so at this place also our question arises whether in the next episode.

 Will this poison Majeed harass Salman or not, Nazreen, today we will talk with complete detail on these questions. I just request you to watch this video till the end. Friends, first of all we have seen this thing in the trailer that after all, who will come and save the rail operation from there. Meaning, of course, from there now Alpersalan and his soldiers will escape and go back, rather in this next episode we will see whether the truth of the Alpha faction comes out or not. Meaning in the trailer, we have been shown this thing that if the alpha faction is doing something with their soldiers, then there it is completely different.

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Comes here and says that you are a traitor, then eyes, according to me, only two things can be possible at this place. That is, one is that if Suleman is really present there with the Alba faction, then surely Suleiman and Alphago will kill Gajender there. That is, if AlphaGo is really trying to save Suleman from there, and if it is absolutely true that the soldier standing behind with Alpha Lap is Suleiman, then it is absolutely confirmed that AlphaGo Salman also asks Alexander to hide his truth. Will kill you there. about when

According to Suleiman Beck it is very difficult to be with the Alpha group.That is, it may happen that in the next episode Salman will also get away from Alpha Lap and when Alexander sees the Alpa faction and starts thinking of him as a traitor, only three soldiers present with Help Lap will testify that we are here with Suleman. has come behind. That is, only two things can happen that if Salman is really there with Alpha lap, then surely we will see his death in the next episode, whereas if there was no Suleman then then sure.

 Only three soldiers will testify that she has come here to find the clue of Suleiman. Nazreen, if we talk or do the food, which we were shown saying that the treatment of this poison has not yet been made, then friends, if Muhal Age could not yet make the treatment of this poison, then with this our question would have arisen. Is that how to survive in the next episode? So let me also tell you that as we have also seen that Safari Khatoon overhears them saying this, I think we will see this in the next episode.

 Khatoon will have to know how to make a cure for that poison or else in the next episode only Safeda Khatoon will get the treatment of that poison made from somewhere. 

That is, we will see in the next episode that only Khatoon in the safe area will get rid of Alpersalan from this city. This will save the life of one help Arslan. Whereas the second is that the way Help Arslan's Walida and sister Safeda used to doubt Khatoon, then this will surely remove everyone's doubts on Safia Khatoon. Friends, apart from this, you also have to share your opinion in the comment section quoting this trailer and while we meet with Masjid Malumat.

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