Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 in Urdu & English Subtitles


Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 in Urdu & English Subtitles

It is also said that no one else but the poor were behind the elimination of Safia Khatoon. That guy was sent by him. I could not take his name but I expected Ishrat Dari from him. His job was to get his name out and then he and Sanjog could do his work against the princely state and could sack the state of Sanjog. On the other hand, Khatoon finds more Gauhar in the street. Ok tells them that you are everyone and your son has gone mad and they have done this.

 If that person has been made the headquarter officer, what is that? Khatoon says I will talk to Chakri Bess, but Khatoon says you are of no use in talking to her. Whatever work they do, they do it thoughtfully, whether we have knowledge or not, they go away from there. On the other hand, the one who made the poison, which he applied on the book, asks him when will you die? says that he will die ahista ahista says that this is also good but that will soon be revealed and it seems that the poison hasta will be doing its job.

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 The easy book would have also falls this route. Then in the Vastra case it is shown that he is busy reading the book. When he is reading the book, it is written in the book, the ruler should show a good attitude by quoting the arrangements. Surely it will be evident in a person who has the wisdom to make decisions. He is reading a book, then suddenly he sees his hand that his palm is gone. In this suddenly again Safiya Khatoon comes there. She comes and stands near Alpersalan, then comes back and asks what is the situation with Gol? He is his hero and others

She thanks Naam and says she took great care. Then she sits near the departure and sees his hand and says what happened to your hand? He says that Kanayat will show him in the morning. No matter the figure. Then she says goodbye by saying Shabba Khair, so in that way the bed has been saved for the child. Sultan is standing more Marwan than near the house. He says that Sultan if you need anything else now then it will be a matter of great feeling for me, saying this to Sultan Tughlaq, he leaves from there.

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 After taking it he sits on his bed. She starts falling asleep. In other way, if Lajem is sleeping in Khatoon and Jaa Giri, then he comes to the same door, he gets up and says, Fer hogi Isha. Allah only says that you have told us that if there is any valuable news, then definitely tell about it. It is reported from Merv that Jave takes a message from him, thanks him and then goes inside and reads the letter. They say we have to die. Going there, we would have to talk to the wealth of Islam Yusuf that this issue will end soon. They are asked to prepare and then shown.

The whole is lost in Suleman's thoughts after grabbing the coach's apple. He remembers that scene. At the time when she was giving safe to Suleiman, in what thoughts you are lost.

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She says it looks like I have fallen in love with someone. Badi tells tales that she takes Suleman's name, then she repentes badly and says that Naam Nala Naa Kahi Naam Naal Kahi Naam Naam Naal Kahiye should listen to your Baba, she then sits down in front of the mirror in despair. The other side is shown for the amount of transfer at this time. The oncoming attackers come to his room and attack him by standing near his bed.

 The man is covered in blood, but when they remove the clothes, what do they see that the prince is Marwan, who is dead. They say that what shall we say to more Basiris? So in this the voice of Sultan Tughlaq comes which says that it is not you to Prince Basiri but your dead bodies, if he was brave, he would have faced me. By not trying to kill me while drunk, I will make you a mark of Scripture and attack them and kill all the people given after this. On the other hand, Al Pasand is busy reading books. So he voices

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 They go and come and say that son is allowed. They say that when Baba comes today, he says, I disturbed you for good reason. They say till today you will be open. What do they say that we are going to die with your father so that we can talk about Islamic Yusuf and this issue will end soon. Then they give medicine to a different broadcast and may Allah bless you with my success. In this, Safiya Khatoon comes there, even though they say that son, we harassed you for a big reason. She says Asthafirulla not like this Baba then she kisses Ragni Bey's hand and becomes happy in Changeli.

 That God leaves them saying Hafiz and Sultan you come out of your room and are going in trains. The torches are burning and then attack somewhere and attack them. Sultanpur kills them too. From there they move forward.There is more than there, when he comes to the place where the Marwan prince has been killed, he says that the sultan must not have gone away yet, he is in a state of intoxication, we will find him soon. Those people leave from there. On the other hand, the Sultans are increasing. While traveling in the streets, they stop at one place. soldiers passing them

 are seen. Seeing the Sultan would have been waiting for them. Sultanpur gets one or more Basiris on the way while Sultan Tum has fallen. He is in a state of neem unconsciousness. When that prince comes there, he finally says that because of his acne, this is the Sultan, the one who has faced the whole world, is lying at my feet today. We have to hang its dead body on the door of the fort. We will take revenge on those who harmed our princess. The whole world will see this, then give it to your soldiers so that they can pick it up when they start lifting it. The sultan who rises like a lion and follows them.

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 One kills, more settlers start running away but that too is killed by the Sultan. On the other hand Arslan Yusuf is telling Bahram in the headquarters that you should go to Bahram village and send a man from there to get help from us. We will clear the whole village head quarter from here and then Alexander will welcome us here and with a bath, he makes sure that no one should be heard from ear to ear. If someone recognizes you then he says or the turn of the cord will come later. On the other hand, the Sultan captures a man in the fort and therefore says that with my men

 What did he do, where did he keep them? He says that he is alive and they have been kept in a room. Sultanpur.

 And the other soldiers are sitting in a room. They say that all others have died of hope, now what will we do by staying alive? If they are talking to each other, then if Hanji sahib gets up and goes through the door and starts hitting everyone, his cap falls off and his head gets injured. Then they stand outside. Acne is said to have killed one. 1000 will die. Saying this he tries to break the door but fails. On the other hand, after covering Sultanpur men, they reach there and open the door and come inside, then yes sir says, we are yours.

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But you keep the sword of our protection in law and look at them. On the other hand, Vastra Khan is searching for Alp San Suu Kyi in the fort. Safia is standing looking at him. If bathing is different from talawat, then one becomes busy in wearing his warlike clothes. Safiya also comes there. The jungle bus helps him in dressing him. When she puts on the dress, Lahsan thanks her, she prays to the person and says may Allah return you to Fatehabad. Minorities say.

When it is ours and always saying of Allah, he leaves from there, Safia Khatoon keeps watching him go, then on that side our jungles are coming with us wearing bass.


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