Vikram Vedha Movie | Vikram Vedha Hindi Dubbed Full Movie 2022

 Vikram Vedha Movie Vikram Vedha Hindi Dubbed Full Movie 

Look Boss KGF Utha Ke Dekho or Rrr and Pushpa have one thing in common, meat factor should be a full two-three hours in theatre, let's have fun, forget real life, how long Bollywood stays away Vikram Veda Trailer.

 After a long time, a proper meat action film number has hit the marketOne remake will remain a remake, you can't get rid of it, you have accepted this fact for a while now, tell the truth, tell the truth, this whole trailer feels special because of just one guy Hrithik Roshan but don't be overjoyed, This is not a good thing Saif Ali Khan whose character is very important in the storyHe has been hit in the west in this trailer.

 How do you feel?Hrithik is the main lead hero while Saif is just behind him playing supporting character, such fun will come a little bit, then the competition should be equal, nor when Saif is standing in front of the boss Hrithik, there should be confusion in the mind, with whom to support? Neither Saif's voice nor his presence in the trailer is going to be remembered by anyone, it is a bitter thing but the truth is very much now.

I will personally conflate Hrithik Roshan in because Khoj is sitting for an actor comparison like Vijay Sethupathi in this film, it takes courage to lift that character. The best thing is Hrithik has not tried to copy Vijay Sethupathi at all.

The trailer has been presented in its own waySeeing it seems that both the character of the original film and this character of Hrithik are different, in short, the biggest exam for which everyone was afraid, he has passed a hundred percent, Hrithik has released the trailer with the number ten out of ten.

In this, Hrithik has set the fire villain character so hero in a wayPresenting this, the hero of the story seems small, it is said that there is a strong presence and the treasure in front, although the background music inserted in the trailer has a very important role in making Hrithik's character bigger, without him everything would have faded, by the way, this is Hrithik's accident. You are like that Super Thirty Wale Anand BabuDidn't apply then only my ears are ringing but man this guy who edited the trailer friend you are everything.

It appeared that nothing was saved for the film, which meant that the character of Radhika Apte or the encounter of Saif Ali Khan's character, the secret connection and Hrithik's younger brother were all revealed in the trailer itself, now the boss who has already told us Have seen that he must have understood my point very well because nowThere is not much left to see in the main story Trailer editing has been done very badly, this is an old habit of Bollywood.

I will say once, always by making bad remixes of those who ruin Bollywood originals, whose fresh example puppet with Akshay Kumar From the film he made the original masterpiece Raat to himNot even worth showing face, but this time nothing like this will happen with Vikram Veda.

seeing the trailer, it seems nineteen nine percent confirmed that if the originals say, then this remake will not make fun of him, then son Bollywood you are behind the veil of shame Permission has been given to take out a little from it, now look like thisIt is very difficult to predict how much profit the total will make or only loss, this time because Look, the original version is available for free on YouTube, that too with Hindi dubbing, why would people want to go to the theater even after that, at the moment after watching the trailer.

I have only one answer to this question, Hrithik Roshan, there is nothing special factor other than this. Hrithik's fan following in the film decides the fate of this filmYes, those who have not seen the original film, the experience is going to come from a good mother for you guys.

Get Ready On 30th September.


By the way, PS One is also coming on the same day, brother, the competition is going to be very strong Bollywood vs South Original Versys The fight for the remake will go on for a very long time, somewhere after 30 SeptemberWill Bollywood not have to be left behind a veil of shame?What do you think about this? Vikram Veda Trailer Hit or Flop? Tell me brother, just keep visiting to me, I will meet you with the next upcoming movie.

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