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Ps1 Hindi Trailer REVIEW 

 We all were busy here in Bahamas Bollywood's super duper much awaited project but last night there was another big blast which no one had imagined PS One trailer has been released this Tamil in the race for Pan India Movies An official entry is about to be made from the film industry.

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By the way, those who do not know themFirst of all, let me tell you about Bahubali, in which their long and wide examples go, the budget of PS One in Indian cinema is so high in which at least two Bahubali will be ready, after this statement, the expectations have automatically reached the sky. Neither did the trailer do justice to it or not, answerLet's start with Forty Sixty Hai Good Baat Hai, then the X factor of the whole trailer is Aishwarya Rai.

As soon as she enters, there is a different type of whitefield, specially at the end of the trailer, a scene has been placed in which Aishwarya is looking towards Throne. Perfect example of powerful story tellingYes, there is also an information that you are the best on the history of Chola Dynastic, on which a novel was written in Tamil language.

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And now it is being presented by adding it in the form of the film, I want to say in these short that the life of this film will be in its story Story is the hero will be very dangerous film with absolutely unexpected posters and when budget is so heavy If yes, then the visual plus tax is going to be quite colorful and let's seeHow much work is done in special effects

It looks fine in the trailer plus AR Rahman is in the trailer of the film, yet we are raising the level of this trailer, special these will be war scenes etc.

Music is very important in that will be recreated and ARNo one makes more unicam gripping music in his Indian cinema than Rahman, although there is a small sample of BM in the trailer, it will be full reveal while watching the film, still nothing extraordinary was felt like this and nothing bad was remembered from now on, Will tell the truth about Taylor's negatives firstIn the entire three-minute trailer, you found a single such wave scene, seeing which you get excited to watch the film, don't match.

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While the concept of the film is showing Toll Dynastic, whose tales are full of not even a single dangerous type of scene in his history, what will you show in the film to put you in the trailer? Isn't it like this, Part One should be left only for Into Into and the real story should be left for Part Two, don't make this mistake at all, it will be too heavy and brother whose idea was it to get narration done by Anil Kapoor in the trailer was a very flop idea It doesn't have the type of impact in his voice, which is a historical timelineShould Amitabh sir be taken to tell you.

I am telling you the truth, if this trailer becomes fire with flower, then get public voting and honestly I mean in the trailer only Hindi dubbing in the trailer Do not give Pan India level feeling Don't know what will happen inside the film? But what I heard in these three minutes is a bit messed up, which was the impact of NPR in RR or Sharad Kelkar's Vausi in Bahubali, Yash's Hindi dubbing in One KGF and Pushpame Allu Arjun That fun is not coming here in this film.

To tell the truth, some people will feel bad for the makers of PS One, I am not feeling anything too serious for the Pan India release by launching the trailer at eleven o'clock in the night and then not promoting it properly in the North Belt and Hindi dubbing Not paying attention to this will not work like PS and Novel Tamil AudienceThey will get excited automatically but what about the Hindi audience?

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Didn't make any special plans for him, you took special when your clash with Vikram Mera is going to happen, behind which is the fan following of Hrithik, who has been waiting for this film for the last three years, so the makers of PS phone Will have to change his strategy a lot now or else look seriously Vikram is very goodThe film was absolutely Hollywood level, but did not work at all in the North Belt, only his team should learn a lot and the tag of Pan India should be justified.

Do not take the public lightly, by the way look with PS One There is a Mani Ratnam factor attached to it, his cinema style is unmatchable and oneThis Deadly Combination With Historical SubjectIt is made but the impact of the side lee trailer that should have come, today the total has not come, let's see if the team of the film does some improvement or leaves everything in the hands of the above, said a lot man, now you tell me How was the trailer of the film? You haven't reviewed a lot or you have enjoyed it.

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