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My fellow , you will see in mere humnasheen episode 39  that Sanobar, when she sees that Jan Se Aziz is serving sweets to you, she will run to Shadi and say that she is feeding him laddoos.  They are feeding Lado because the order of her future husband is that if he is found, they are bringing him.

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I have prepared the rest with my own hands, now they will all talk that the miracles will happen, they will know that the dog has died and by giving them a way to life, they will all understand that the sudden death of the tailor is that  Caused by poisoning, it will break the news like a doomsday and no one will be ready to believe that it can really happen that the tailor lost his life on his wedding day.  So, he was not going until a little while ago, he has gone to the mouth of death. He did not like Darzi's relationship before, but there are graveyards.

After life and death, the investigation will begin as to who poisoned the tailor, on which everyone's thanks will go to Bairam Khan, who was Bahram Khan, who was his eternal enemy, and now, suddenly, he will ask for one at the thief's house.  After coming to his house, the confectioner came to his house, so everyone will start saying that the Nawab of Bahram Khana has fed the sweet to the tailor, due to which the tailor has died.

He will say that I am out of mind, that I should go and apologize and take some poisoned sweets with me.  These people will know which Nawab did it because it was not the cypress that prepared the sweet and she kept only one piece of ice and she was trying again and again to eat only one piece of ice.  Those who will remember that he did not eat the piece of ice without pain and before eating it he said that I am eating it in your love, will realize that he was eating the topics.

 It was written in that Dargah with the moon on her head will also testify that she loved the community and Sunao Sab may have tried to poison the honor by coming to Hasan who accidentally took her alive like this.  Suno will be caught and his position will be cleared, but despite all these things, he has progressed and he is not going to come back, nor is he going to leave.
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What difference does it make in the story of the novel that Pakistan did not participate in the convention, nor did he give the speech that left everyone in a tizzy, and neither did the latter connect with Dr. Hadi in a way that  As it is shown in the drama and not in all cases of fear, Dr. Radhika was mobile. It is only shown in the drama.  I was not here to get a degree.  What?

 Don't do it the way it was done to me. She says you will get many CIDs in Pakistan but my area will not get any Hadith.  And the doctor can't stop it and that's the end of the whole story. After that, it's not said whether the former is simple or not, but I think it's id that when she leaves the marriage  If she goes there, her whole life is like that, but it is not like that in the drama. They had to copy and paste the whole story of Khulusal Dil from the novel, then who wanted to watch the drama, then there was no sight.
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