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Mahadev - Hrithik Roshan Movie

Gali Gali Mein Shor Hai, Gali Gali Mein Shor Habermas Babu is a box office thief in three days, why two hundred, crores? Is your pocket empty too? But now there is going to be an explosion that will empty the entire vault. Hrithik Roshan's case is a bit different to say that there is a blessing of nepotism at the level, but the hard work of the fellow made him a star with the love of the public. 
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 The public went crazy after becoming a superhero, then the box even when the mastermind became a thiefThere was a ruckus in the office and now the main villain Vikram Veda, who made the whole story dance, will set fire to the fire, but above all, do you know which is Hrithik's dream project? Mahadev Yes, the one who is with all of us is inside everyone, It is going to appear on the big screen very soon.

Look, to understand this whole story of Mahadev - Hrithik Roshan Movie 2022, You will have to go back five years, in fact, author Amit Tripathi's book in two thousand seventeen The Immortal of Meluha will be added in the form of a Hindi film, such news outBollywood's top director Sanjay Leela Bhansali was about to direct the film and here for the first time the character of Mahadev.

Hrithik Roshan's name was added with him, but due to the issues of dates and budget at that time, that news became air, the matter remained only in dreams and could not turn into reality, now around this time, the craze of Bahubali is going on in the whole country. After Part One Part Two.

mahadev, hrithik roshan new movie 2022, hrithik roshan new movie hindi, hrithik roshan new movie action, hrithik roshan new movie blockbuster,

This film shook the whole of India and is as famous as it is the more the film was done, the more SS Rajamouli started getting respect, then at that time a news came that next Raja Mouli sir would hit the entry in Bollywood and his first time is not a minor film but its subject is going to be the best on the history of Indian gods.

In which Shiva Parvati will be put in focus then oneHrithik Roshan's name started coming to the fore again for the character of Shiva returned, along with him, the names of two actresses were also mentioned to become Parvati, one was Deepika Padukone and the other Kriti Sanon but do not know how that news is also suppressed somewhere.

Only the things of dreams were left, the heart of the public was broken once againSuddenly, there was an entry of a crook in the market, so it was to be released in the original two thousand twenty,
It took time to reach the theater but it came too late, how did you like the film collection is real or fake, one thing is common by all sides, we all are very excited for its part two Dev who is the character whose reference to the whole film Interesting was making Brahma Stuy to tell his storyThe inspiration of this Dev character is none other than your Mahadevi, so much so that you must have understood and without any doubt.
Whose name is being associated with this character once again, something like this from Hrithik Roshan report that Brahma ski second Hrithik can be cast opposite Deepika in the part which is partWill go ahead in three and fight with Ranbir, but due to Ranveer Singh, the matter has become a bit confusing at the moment, what is going on in the mind of Dimension, only they know that after the success of But Boss Bahamas, one thing is for sure.

In the coming time, a lot of religion and mythology will come out of Bollywood, right, a night phone will definitely be made on Shiva regarding Hrithik, the film industry will have to bow down in front of public demand.

Anyway, Hrithik Roshan will be seen in Ramayana with Ranbir very soon, on the other hand Bhaiya ji is going to play the character of Ravana, now the long wait of five years, to see Hrithik as Mahadev, will either end in meat part two.
mahadev, hrithik roshan new movie 2022, hrithik roshan new movie hindi, hrithik roshan new movie action, hrithik roshan new movie blockbuster,

Will it go or will Amish Tripathi's books go to life on the cinema screen or elseDirectors like Om Raut, SS Rajamouli can also pick up this idea, now tell me what is your message for Hrithik Roshan? Either keep making remixes like Vikram, Veda and keep growing your pocket or you should use cinema for dream projects like Mahadev, so that not only India, the whole world will be shaken, write, whatever is in your heart, my promise is my word above.

The ears, eyes and mind of the sitting people will reach all the three placesIf the public has liked something then I will also meet you on Instagram or else wait a little bit, I will meet you in next movie.
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