Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets | Watch Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone Movie


Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets | Watch Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone Movie

On the 1st of november 1981 headmaster

albus dumbledore and professor minerva

McGonagall of hogwarts school of

witchcraft and wizardry along with

groundskeeper rubious hagrid deliver a

recently orphaned infant

named harry potter his only remaining

relatives the dursleys

for 10 years harry lives as a household

servant there's uncaring and petunia

loads some uncle vernon and spoiled

cousin dudley under the impression that

his parents died in a car accident

one day on a family trip to the zoo.

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Harry unwittingly causes an

accident by vanishing the glass in front

of a snake enclosure causing dudley to

fall in

after that event harry begins receiving

unprompted letters addressed to him

and the cupboard under the stairs which

is where he sleeps but the dursleys

never allow him to read its contents

they'll be writing to you in an attempt

to avoid more letters

the family escaped to an island but

hagrid breaks into their two-story hut

at midnight

and informs harry that he's a wizard

harry receives a cake from hagrid for

his 11th birthday

and acceptance letter to hogwarts dear

mr potter

we have been accepted at hogwarts school of

witchcraft and wizardry

by morning hagrid takes harry to buy

school supplies from the hidden

wizarding street

harry purchases his wand and hagrid

gives him an owl named hedwig

as a birthday present shortly after

hagrid tells harry the truth about his

past and how his parents.

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Actually were murdered by one of the

century's greatest dark wizard

known as lord voldemort he decided to

kill him

hagrid also explains how harry gained so

much fame, Only surviving voldemort's attack

escaping with only a lightning bolt scar

but also rendering voldemort

powerless something about you stumped

him that night

that's why you're famous that's why

everybody knows

your name days later harry boards a

train to hogwarts

via the concealed platform nine and

three quarters and king's cross station

aboard the train harry meets ron weasley

a boy from a large but poor pure blood

wizarding family

and hermione granger a witch born to

muggle and non-magical parents who would

both become harry's lifelong best


oculus repair

upon arrival to the hogwarts all

students are sorted into one of four


gryffindor hufflepuff raven claw or


harry ron and hermione all end up in

gryffindor and harry ends up making an

enemy out of draco malfoy from slytherin

harry begins learning wizardry and

discovers more about his past and his


his prowess in flying on a broomstick

makes him a star of gryffindor's quit

its team as a seeker,

one night in an unfortunate turn of

events the trio finds themselves in the

forbidden floor of hogwarts where they

discover a giant three-headed dog

named fluffy

later on at harry's first quit its match

his broom becomes possessed nearly

knocking him off

hermione sees snape staring at harry and

mouthing words

making her believe he is the one behind

it she causes fire to snape's robes and

distracts him in an attempt to save

harry which works

when hagrid slips onto the trio the name

nicholas flamel when confronting about


hogwarts legacy, luna lovegood evanna lynch, ron weasley, harry potter and the goblet of fire, harry potter and the prisoner of, azkaban, lego harry potter, harry potter 1, hufflepuff, harry potter and the order of the phoenix, harry potter and the deathly hallows, severus snape, hagrid, ravenclaw,

Harry uses the invisibility cloak he

received on christmas to explore the

restricted section in the library to

find out about him

they find out that nicholas flamel is

the only known maker of the

philosopher's stone

an object that produces the elixir of

life which will make the user immortal

and that fluffy is actually guarding the

stone the trio assumes that someone is

trying to get past the dog and get the

stone harry suspects potion's teacher

severus snape

might be the culprit and that he is the

one trying to revive voldemort

once again hagrid accidentally tells the

children that the dog falls asleep when

listening to music but when they decide

to find the stone before snape

they find an already asleep fluffy after

bypassing the dog

they face a series of obstacles

surviving a deadly plant known as devil

snare flying past a room full of

hundreds of flying keys and winning a


life-sized chess match

have your surprise the one who confronts

him in the final room is not snape but

defends against the dark arts teacher

professor quirrell

quirrell reveals that he was the one who

led the quidditch match

and that snape had actually been trying

to protect harry all the time

if snape's cloak hadn't caught fired and

broken my eye contact

i would have succeeded quarrel removes

his turban and reveals a weakened

living on back of his head philosopher's stone in his pocket

and voldemort tries to convince harry to

give his parents back from the dead

harry refuses and quirrell tries to kill

him but harry's touch turns him into

dust and he dies

voldemort then passes through harry's

body knocking him unconscious before

the school's hospital wing professor


explains that the stone has been

destroyed and that hermione and ron

are harry's

touch because harry's mother lily had

put a love-based protection on him

against voldemort at the end of the year

feast the house's points are tallied and

extra points are rewarded causing

gryffindor to win the house cup

before harry and students leave for the

summer harry realizes that while

everyone else is going home

he is going away from home because

hogwarts now felt like his true home.


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