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Cuttputlli New Released Full Movie HD

When did the North and South debate begin? Do you know that lockdown is the thing that changed the attitude of people towards Bollywood film industry and who started this change? 

After watching India's one of the best suspense thriller film, Nineteen Nine Percent people got realized for the first time in the South, they not only kick kicked punches but also make solid content, which was cleverly kept hidden from most of us. The second advantage was that The actors who were running their career in the Hindi film industry on the basis of remix, were completely.

Exposed and its latest fresh fresh example is Akshay Kumar's film Puppet without wasting a second, I come to the direct point if you have listened and watched the original, then you do not need to be a puppet in the hands of Akshay Kumar and Those people who are meeting this story for the first time, I will give you a small intro and then I will tell you that Akshay passed or failed? Kasauli is a beautiful city of mountains.

Quiet and far from crime, but then gifts start being found in the street of this city, inside which is a doll.

There is a mark on the face and her eyes are missing and yes not the whole body of the doll, only the neck is visible, now the very interesting thing is that when these gifts are received, at the same time a girl is missing in the city, later whose Only the dead body is found, there is no such minor murder, the real purpose of the killer is to keep the person alive before death.

To inflict maximum injury and later try to hide the dead body somewhere or to erase the evidence of burial in the ground, rather than openly keep the punishment in the most crowded area of ​​the city so that the murder can be done.

The credit killer should be given full credit, he does not want to run away from the police, wants the police to run after him and you know the real twist of the story, what will the police officer who is leading this case save the outsiders? When his sister's daughter disappears from his house himself? Look Boss Honestly, you can judge this film in two ways, one is just like a fresh film, if you have not seen the original, in this case you will find the story interesting, you will get the feel of a proper murder mystery, whose climax.

The motive of killer will blow your senses, but I have seen it and comparison is in the blood of us Indians, so there will definitely be a one-line review, just like some films, I become good only once, leave them like that. You should disturb by remaking, you will fail as a puppetThe original is not even near the state, there is a difference of land and sky in both the films, if you feel bad to hear, then it should be felt that Akshay Kumar's film is absolutely Bollywood masala type, in which comedy and romance have been forcefully created because of such frivolous things.

The seriousness of the story, it gets the biggest shockPlus this is the most underrated thing in suspense thriller films, its screenplay should not get a chance to go away from the story even for a second, but cut putti leaves you Akshay and Koi's story is moving forward, you go, out of the house Take a walk, the murder mystery will be solved later, wait, wait, I knowSome people will come and say that this film is better than what is being made in Bollywood today, you will have to change this habit.

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You know the rights of puppets have been bought by Hotstar for one hundred, eighty, crores, no social service is going on, while the one who listened to the original did business of only 50 crores, understand the cleverness, you have five six Bollywood films in theater nowadays. Together you will not earn one hundred and eighty crores, if you can, then just this excuseDo not give at all that it is better than what is being made, when you want to see the content, then look at the original, simple plus one thing and say, the heart of some people will be broken, Akshay is looking like a misfit in this film, this character needs such an actor Who is not an expert but Akshay's body language is as if it wereThey know everything and the second thing is their climax, they run faster than Shatabdi Express, pushing the feelings and emotions and throwing them down from the train, just in a hurry to finish the original story, so did the original Sundar who came to the climax.

If so, goosebumps stand up to reach the end sceneThe way is very scary, look in it anyway, this is a common sense thing, a murder mystery type film with all its twists

End Turns You already know that its remake will never be able to confuse you, this is the biggest weakness of this film, the story is not from us, but we are one step ahead of the story, just the matter is over, on my side only they will get one star out of five. Well done, didn't tamper with the original story, that's why I'm freshHe will enjoy watching in the negative.

The first start, it will forcefully love comedy and the second climax to pass even a frivolous song, instead of making the second climax, focus only on the ending while you have put the tagline of the mind game, that is absolutely missing, the third remake Now just do that factor, brother, keep this thing in mindShe lives, no matter how much you try to watch and fourth, according to me, for casting a little misfit in the film, Akshay did not leave the impression that Vishnu Vishal did in the night plus this character with Sargun Andra Kaul Only the main story is week by their special contributionNo my advice is just so si hai is available in Hindi absolutely free on youtube if you really want to watch proper suspense thriller.

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