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Chup Movie Cast Trailer Review 

 Wherever you look today, there is talk of only one film, Brahmastra will either brighten Bollywood's fortunes on September 9 or will make you sleep forever, but today I have seen such a trailer, believe me, if not more than Brahma, then it is exactly equal to the excitement. 

Just opposite the name of Hua Mujhe Chup is the trailer of JiskoAfter watching your mind will not be silent at all, very scary thoughts will come, after a long time, the trailer of a Bollywood film has made you think The upcoming film can be made, the topic of this film is very tremendousQuite apart and perhaps no one would have even thought that a serial killer in the city is killing the film critics. 

If by mistake the thoughts of the Critic and the Serial Killer do not meet, then in the evening of deathTandav will be interestingly In this film a reference has been given to the legend of Indian cinema, Guru Dutt, whose most

The personal film Kagaz Ke Phool was crushed by the critics at that time and the word revenge has also been used in their title, so Ho Naa Ho Guru Dutt Sahab's revenge is taking place, some sixty years later Sunny Deol's comeback from the film. 

It has been the insistence on duty of a police officer who is behind the serial killer in the storyIt is a man who will catch this psychopath who took the lives of people and teach him the skills, which was the golden time of Bollywood, after that to see Sunny Deol back in this energetic avatar is a different level of treat but honestly, I am even more excited than Sunny Deol. 

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I am dulkar salman wat actor yaar ye banda har for someone elseSelects a completely different script in the film and this habit of his will greatly benefit Bollywood, now look at Sitaram's news was going on, while the romantic character who reminds Veer Zara, how much praise was given to that film and now a silent entry has been made in which His character has been kept hidden in the trailerAbsolutely secret type but maybe this guy will have a direct connection?

 Release Date:  23 September 2022

What with serials that kill people?Know that there is a mask on their face and there is a monster hidden inside, although there must be a separate applause for the man who cut this trailer, meaning it seems that he has seen everything and seen nothing, which is the thrill of the film. 

There is suspense and real story line, out of it nothing has been revealed even by mistakeYou can only guess that Bollywood should cut such trailers, only then will there be any point in going to the theater, on the contrary, here in the trailer itself, we reveal everything from beginning to end in a whole sequence Oh yes, who is making the film?


Arbar's sir, his cinema style is very different and powerful than the rest of the director, actually take a look at it or else Padman forces him to think in the subject life of his films and this time he directly targeted the film critics, which nowadays They are becoming quite popular, everyone watches their videosAnd there is a lot of impact on the collection of films, these shorts are going to be a lot of fun, finally saw this film in the story in a Bollywood suspense thriller, that time has passed.

Wait is over, thank you balki sir to boss, if you haven't seen the trailer of this film yet, then go fast, you will miss a very special thing or else it is called support real Indian cinema man, good films like some of the rest of the video If you have come or have to complain about something, then I will also give you a message on InstagramI will meet you, otherwise wait a bit, I will meet you in the next movie.

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