Minions | The rise of gru | Hollywood new released movie

Minions | The rise of gru | Hollywood new released movie

Last night i went to see The Minions Rise Of Gru by myself instead of seeing elvis

because it was too long
this is where i'm at in life
if you don't know minions the rise of
gru is a sequel to minions which was a
prequel to the despicable me trilogy i
know this because i'm a sad grown adult
man but i'm also a grown adult man that
likes to have fun let out some laughs
once in a while some belly chuckles and
this movie delivered here's the deal
we're five movies deep in this
illumination franchise. 

If you haven't been on board prior you're not gonna jump on now but if you like the
last minions movie i thought it was
mediocre but watchable this one i think
is a bit better not a lot better but it
moves a lot quicker i found that hour
and 25 minutes just fly by this review
is less for people that are suddenly
like you know what i should give those
minions movies a chance those look like
grade a material but this is more for
parents and what they can expect and
also for the one man who went alone sat
in the back of the theater questioning
his entire existence.

What it's all about
let me talk about the film crew's coming
into his own as a supervillain he's 11
years old i believe he's still voiced by
steve corral which is impressive they
must have done some voice modulation to
get him to sound younger either that or
corral's just incredibly gifted at
sounding like an 11 year old boy which i
mean he is a talented actor i won't put
it past him gru is also a major fanboy
when it comes to this super villain
squad called the vicious six they have a
new opening they're looking for a guy to
replace their old leader so the first
half of the movie is about little gru
trying to impress these guys did i call
him groot earlier in this review
i think i said gru but we're gonna we're
gonna press past it the first half of
the movie works way better than the
second half which really goes off the
rails i don't even know what's happening
and chinatown there's a martial arts
section of the movie that leads to this
epic climatic battle that i don't really
think anybody wanted to see and the last
20 minutes is nothing but colorful noise
the kids will be invested.

 I will say that much if you have like a little
seven or eight year old they're not
going to get bored there's stuff
happening constantly it is after all an
illumination movie so it's like add on
steroids the other big hang up i have is
it's called minions but really it's just
the three or four core minions that we
follow through this thing we don't get a
lot of time with the whole crew and from
an animation standpoint it makes sense
that has to be a total pain in the ass
to put all of those yellow characters
together all those little twinkies
running around so it's easier to just
focus on a couple of them but the scenes
that does feature the entire ensemble so
much funnier there's just so many little
sight gags and comments and little
things you pick up the movie more than
any of the others is really a collection
of like snl skits we get a lot of three
to four minute sequences of random stuff
happening sometimes it works really well
other times i'm just like okay let's
move on to the next family guy joke
let's keep this thing moving and it does
move very quickly one of my favorite
parts is how otto is telling gru about
how he lost the medallion and they kind
of go through the play-by-play of how
that unfolded it's it's it's pretty
funny all around also i don't know if
otto has been in any of the other
minions movies.

 I feel like this is a new character
maybe he was in the last one they all
kind of blend together regardless he
gets a lot of time in the spotlight in
this one big focus on this character who
is never seen again in the despicable me
movies that's kind of sad what happened
to otto what uh auto asphyxiation
how did this how did this character go
once again it's done by illumination
studios they have exactly one type of
animation that they can do it works it
looks nice we move on and the movie
takes place in the 70s so we get the
fashion we get the music which there's a
lot of good jams playing in the
background and we even have characters
ripped straight out of the era including
one of the most vocal members of the
super villain group i don't know her
name but i call her foxy cleopatra
because she's essentially the character
from austin powers3 beyonce i mean what
else can i say it's a minions movie it's
they're harmless there's no real social
commentary that's going to make karen's
clutch their pearls tons of childish
humor to make your kids stay in a seat
and not run up and down like an
and yeah i don't i mean i don't even
know if there was really a fart joke in
this one
which is wild wild to say there you have
it minions 2 the rise of gru where does
it sit in like a ranking if we have to
do that i would say despicable me 2
still my favorite then despicable me 1
despicable me 3 then this then that last minions movie.

This is like very comparable to the last
despicable me but i think it moves
faster than that and also it's short as
heck which i appreciate if you saw the
new minions already let me know in the
comments what you thought are you are
you just totally against these are you
better than them that's fine that's
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